You and your furry BFF can now wear matching necklace and dog collar charms

Remember those matching charms you and your childhood best friend used to wear around your necks to signify you were BFFs? Well now, you can re-create that bond with your best furry friend! The Slashpile Designs Etsy shop is selling matching necklaces and collar charms that you can share with your pet. And yes, they’re just as adorable as they sound.

You can purchase charms shaped like a dog bone, heart, or cat head that will fit perfectly around your neck. The companion charms, which look like they were cut out of a round piece, attach to your dog or cat’s collar. A set of charms for you and your dog costs $76.48, and a charm set suitable for you and your kitty will run you $61.19. The Etsy shop offers free shipping, so spare no cost to get these to you.

“The necklace comes on an 18′ chain,” the product description for each item reads. “The pieces are saw-pierced, and each set may vary slightly due to the handmade nature of the technique.”

So, you and your pet can have a unique set of charms just for the two of you. It doesn’t get sweeter than that!

Just imagine how great you and your pup will look sporting these matching dog bone necklaces:

Slashpile Designs/Etsy

Share the love with these cute little heart charms:

Slashpile Designs/Etsy

And don’t forget about the cat! This cat charm set was made for the best of human and feline friends:

Slashpile Designs/Etsy

Just to give you a sense of what these look like on, here they are shown on the furriest models around. The heart charm is super-cute on this dog:

Slashpile Designs/Etsy

The cat-head charm is perfect for this pretty kitty:

Slashpile Designs/Etsy

And the necklace looks great on their human counterpart, too:

Slashpile Designs/Etsy

These charms can also be personalized to feature laser-engraved phone numbers, phrases and more. Contact the Etsy store to receive a quote for additional personalization costs.

Since matching your pets is the thing to do, you might be interested to know that there are plenty of “my-pet-and-me” products available that let you and your companion dress alike.

For example, the Posh Paws Company on Etsy sells matching robes for dogs and people. Even when you’re just lounging around the house, you can make sure you and your pet are comfy, cozy — and most importantly, dressed the same!

A doggy dressing gown will cost anywhere from $33.28 to $45.27, depending on which color and size you choose. Meanwhile, the owner’s dressing gown ranges from $58.58 to $71.90.

But, considering a purchase will mean you and your pet look like this while cuddling at home, it’s totally worth it:

Posh Paws Company/Etsy

Products like these make it clear that pet is your best friend — as if it wasn’t obvious already! But, if you’re prepared to take your BFF status to a new level, add these to your cart ASAP.