You Could Get Paid $64,000 A Year To Drink (And Research) Beer

Dreams do come true: The Smithsonian Museum in Washington, D.C. will pay a lucky someone $64,000 a year (plus benefits!) just to drink craft beer… well, and do some research while they’re at it. The Smithsonian wants to jump on the craft beer train the only way they know how—by hiring a craft beer historian.

The position is a new one for the Museum of American History and is being funded by the Brewers Association. While the job is only for three years, who could turn down the opportunity to engage in “research, documentation and collecting American brewing history”? Not us, that’s for sure.

The Museum of American History is no stranger to the stories of food, and with the rise of craft beer, it seemed only natural to add it to the respectable list of comestibles previously researched. “We were looking at wine, coffee, cheese, artisanal bread, and farmers markets,” museum curator Paula Johnston told the Washington City Paper. “Well, this movement with small-scale, local regional beer is part of the ethos.”

The lucky beer historian will be able to work with Smithsonian staff members to curate collections about the craft beer movement. The Smithsonian is looking for someone with an advanced degree in American business, food or a similar history specialization. The candidate must also have “proven experience” in several types of research, as well as historical interviewing and scholarly writing.

Think you’ve got the hops? Check out the official job posting. Applications are due on August 10.

[h/t Money]