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Dog owners love taking pictures of their dogs because, let’s face it, dogs are adorable. But getting the perfect picture of a dog isn’t always easy. They don’t really understand English, they have very short attention spans, and they’re really bad at doing their own selfies (what with the whole not-having-thumbs thing).

This means that, in order to get the perfect picture of your puppers, you spend most of your day behind your phone yelling things like “treat,” “walk” and “p**p” in an effort to get your dog’s attention.

But those days are over. Behold the Flexy Paw, a gadget that fits onto your phone and promises to turn your dog into an obedient (if slightly slobbery) supermodel. Check out this dog posing with its owner:

A video by Mashable shows how the gadget works. Simply attach the Flexy Paw to your phone, insert your dog’s favorite treat and shoot away while you have your dog’s undivided attention.

Brilliant, right? And it only costs a mere $20! Unfortunately, the company is sold out at the moment. But there’s a Kickstarter campaign going on that will hopefully provide them enough funds to start cranking out more Flexy Paws so we humans can indulge in more #DogsOfInstagram.

Oh, and as the video points out, don’t forget to actually give your dog the treat while you’re picking out filters. Nobody likes a tease.

Flexy Paws’ Twitter account also boasts that the gadget works on cats, though the picture implies you should attach your cat’s favorite toy instead of a treat.

Although if you’ve ever seen what cats do to their favorite toys, you might want to keep your phone a good distance away while attempting this.

Also, if you’re Team Cat, I invite you to bask in the gloriousness of this feline photo shoot. I think I see America’s next top model…

Kickstarter: Flexy Paw

Okay. I’m sold.

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