The No More Voicemail App Lets You Get Rid Of Voicemail On Your Phone

Your phone rings while you’re in a meeting at work.

“I’ll call them back later,” you think, hoping they’ll just text you instead.

But suddenly, you see a little notification pop up on your phone indicating that the person left a message. Ugh, a voicemail. Now you get to spend the rest of your hour-long meeting wonder what type of news you’ll hear when you listen to the message.

Some people hate voicemail so much that they created a smartphone app that literally won’t let people leave you a message.

When someone calls you, the free No More Voicemail app for your iOS and Android device will forward the call to a virtual number that will ring and ring forever. The voicemail function still exists on your phone, it just never picks up.

The idea behind the app’s design is that eventually, the person calling you will hang up and send you a text or an email instead.

“Because texting is faster” is the app’s tagline.

According to Tech Crunch, you get to pick and choose which callers to send to the app’s dead-end number. If you don’t want to answer a call (and you also don’t want the person to leave a message), simply reject or ignore the call.

The app works if your cell service is provided by AT&T, Verizon, T-Mobile, MetroPCS, Spring and U.S. Cellular. It won’t work, however, if you have a pre-paid plan with your carrier.

The brains behind No More Voicemail is the company TelTech Systems, which has also launched several other apps. Some are a bit controversial, such as SpoofCard, which disguises your number when you want to make prank calls. When you get a call from a restricted number, their app TrapCall unmasks the anonymous caller’s number.

If you get tired of No More Voicemail, deleting the app won’t get rid of it. According to the app’s website, you have to call your phone carrier to deactivate the app for good.