Travel With Less Stress With These Hassle-Free Travel Outfits

You’re at your best when travel is easy breezy, but how often does that actually happen? So many things that go wrong are out of your hands, but you can control what you wear while traveling and make your experience that much better. These comfy outfits will act like your home away from home and won’t cause you any stress from your starting point to your final destination.

Between going through security with all of your bags and navigating your way through a crowd of people to finally arrive at your gate just to find that your flight was delayed, let’s face it—getting from one place to another is stressful. But, what you wear doesn’t have to add to it. If you ask me, loose fitting garments are the best for days away from home because you don’t want to feel more crammed in than you already are; whether you are on a bus, train or plane your space is limited. The less space, the roomier the clothes, you feel me?

Opting for a jumpsuit or romper, trapeze dress, shirtdress or a pair of culottes is the way to go. These hassle-free pieces won’t weigh you down or make you feel trapped. Let me show you what I mean:

The Jumpsuit/Romper

One-piece items are great for all of your voyages. They’ve got all of the functionality with none of the fuss. You can roll out of bed, slip this item on and go, but it’ll look like you actually took time to get ready. What could be better than that? Consider these loose-fitting all-in-one ensembles for the next time you get away.

For Jumpsuits/Rompers Section:

Abstract Print Romper, $24.90, Forever 21+

Hacienda Jumpsuit, $89.50, Lou & Grey

Cece Sweetheart Culotte Jumpsuit, $105, Revolve Clothing

The Trapeze Dress

Baggy trapeze dresses are so in right now, and I’m loving it. This silhouette is the epitome of lazy-girl chic, and that’s how I personally want to look for those on-the-go moments. Comfort and style is key when going on a trip, and this type of dress definitely provides both.


Clary Godet Trapeze Dress, $59 Urban Outfitters

Abstract Geo Trapeze Dress, $27.90, Forever 21+

Chambray Trapeze Dress, $148, Anthropologie

The Shirtdress

Enter the easiest thing you’ll ever wear—the shirtdress. Having the same classic feeling of a t-shirt or collared shirt, the shirtdress is clean and simple and eliminates the need to wear pants. I’m all about that, and you really should be, too!


Montecito Tee Dress, $49.99, Lou & Grey

Wrap-Tie Shirt Dress, $24.90, Forever 21

Ecote Harmony T-Shirt Dress, $59, Urban Outfitters

Heathered T-Shirt Dress, $19.90, Forever 21+

The Culotte

Perhaps the trendiest item to make the list, culottes are the ultimate baggy pants that you can wear and still be totally stylish. They’re roomy, have movement when you walk and are the biggest thing trending right now. Sound like they’re perfect for when you’re en route? Thought so! Think about wearing these on your next vacay!


Last Call Culotte Shorts, $58, Nasty Gal

Silkwash Culottes, $64.50, Lou & Grey

Crossed Paths Culottes, $128, Free People

There’s no going wrong with any of these pieces as travel outfits, so enjoy your days of carefree traveling, at least when it comes to your wardrobe, you little jetsetter!

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