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Get Your Own Set Of Personalized Bed Sheets

Cute or creepy?

Is FaceTime not cutting it? Do you wish you could be surrounded by the face of your best friend, your favorite dog or whomever else you adore all night long?

Or do you perhaps enjoy gazing admiringly at your own reflection and wish you could do it from a reclined position without installing a mirror above your bed?

Dreams do come true. Enter Shelfies, an online retailer that will print images of your face, your friend’s face or, heck, even your dog’s face, all over a duvet cover so that every night is a slumber party.

Photo courtesy of Shelfies

The possibilities for such a product seem endless! If you need help picking a face for your customized duvet, might I suggest one of the 10 most attractive celebrity men according to science? That way, you can brag that you cuddled with Bradley Cooper or Will Smith all night long. There’s probably a “stealing the covers” joke in there, too.

Or print your own face and play a bizarre prank on Airbnb guests.

Here’s what Shelfies has to say about its “Your Face Custom Duvet Cover”: “Spice up your bedroom with some wild photorealistic all-over-print bed covers. You’re spending half your life sleeping (or more) so do yourself and your bed a favor and make it extra special.”

Note: The National Sleep Foundation recommends that adults get 7 to 9 hours of sleep a night, so that “half your life” line is probably part of an exaggerated sales pitch.

Still, what do you think? Cute or creepy or (c) all of the above? We’ll let you decide. But, LET’S FACE IT, these duvets probably aren’t for everyone.

If you’re not sure human facial recognition fits into your bedroom’s decor theme, you could go another route and upload the facial images onto a jumpsuit, apparel, pet bandanna or poster.

Here are a couple of examples from Shelfies’ Instagram. A set of matching T-shirts:

The true meaning of friendship 😝

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And a head-to-toe outfit:

If you’re sold on the face bedding, though, the customized twin duvet is $129. A queen costs $151.50 and a king will run you $174.

Here’s how it works: You upload the image you want printed to Shelfies. Within 24 hours, the company will send you a digital preview so you can make any changes you see fit before sending it to print. It’s important to note that the personalized items aren’t refundable or exchangeable.

So, whose face would you pick for a duvet?

[h/t: Bustle]