This Ghost Fashion Guide Proves Ghouls Are Just Like The Rest Of Us

If you’re wondering what costume you’d like to wear this Halloween, this fashion guide for ghosts will have you rethinking the whole “going as a ghost” idea. The illustration proves that being a ghost is so much more than simply wearing a white sheet. So if you thought dressing up as something ghoulish would be a little boring, think again.

In this sketch by British illustrator Gemma Correll, ghosts actually have a similar fashion sense to the rest of us. They like to keep up with the trends and wear everything from distressed looks to two-piece styles:

You see what we mean? Who says ghosts can’t be fashionable, after all? The illustrator shared this drawing on Twitter with the simple caption, “Boo.”

And the internet has responded kindly to these chic little sheets. People are commenting on their favorite looks, writing comments such as, “I’m partial to the formal, but pleated does have a certain je nais se quoi about it.”

And folks are getting in the Halloween spirit and offering up their own versions. For instance, meet Sexy Ghost:

Just like fashion in real life, some of these ghost trends are a bit impractical:

Nonetheless, this illustration couldn’t be more fun or fitting for the month of October. And hey—if you haven’t chosen a costume yet, this may give you all of the inspiration you need to pull something together at the last minute.

Correll’s got plenty of cute illustrations where this came from, too. The illustrator sells her work on the online site Ohh Deer, where you can find everything from adorable stickers to phone cases and more. Just look at this adorable “CaPUGccino” phone case. How freaking adorable?

Ohh Deer

Whether you’re interesting in Correll’s work from a cute illustration standpoint or for Halloween fashion inspiration, this drawing has a lot to offer. Be sure to pass it along to Halloween and fashion lovers alike, because these ghouls are serious fashion goals!

Need more last-minute Halloween costume ideas? You’re in luck because not only are these fun and festive, but they’re also easy to make!

[h/t: Mashable]