This pet-friendly Airbnb is shaped like a giant beagle

Dog Bark Park Inn

Dog-lovers, your dreams have come true. There’s a beagle-shaped Airbnb where guests can sit, play and stay!

The Dog Bark Park Inn Bed & Breakfast in Cottonwood, Idaho, has been open since 1997 and is as pet-friendly as it sounds. It’s a two-story house with a wooden deck on the outside, which guests use to enter on the second floor.

The rental is decorated with handmade dog-inspired art carvings made by the owners, chainsaw artists Dennis Sullivan and Frances Conklin. The bed features a wooden headboard with 26 carved dogs!


Guests who stay at the beagle at Dog Bark Park Inn will even be treated to dog-shaped cookies on the bed, which has dog-adorned pillows.


The beagle’s owners are especially proud of the view their guests will get on starry nights. You can gaze at the sky from the second-story deck.

The inn even has a large selection of books (some about dogs), games and puzzles to help keep families entertained and relaxed. You can rent the whole beagle-shaped home for a starting rate of $132 a night, and the two-bedroom sleeps four guests.


In case you want to venture from your beagle home (though why would you?), there’s a lot to do in the surrounding area, too.

“During the day, take a jet boat tour into nearby Hell’s Canyon, visit a wolf center, learn about the Nez Perce Indian history and culture, go horseback riding, or explore around. Idaho’s famous ‘big dog’ is an unforgettable experience,” the Dog Bark Park website says.

The beagle isn’t the only fun-shaped Airbnb you can stay at in Idaho. Have you heard about the Big Idaho Potato Hotel? It’s real, and like the beagle, you can sign up for your stay using Airbnb.


The potato-shaped hotel is recycled from the Idaho Potato Commission’s Big Idaho Potato Tour. It’s a 6-ton potato that has traveled on the back of a semi to 48 states for seven years.

Now, it sits on 400 acres of Idaho farmland near Boise.

Designer Kristie Wolfe included a custom-built bed, mini-fridge and old records for listening entertainment. Don’t worry — it also has electrical power outlets so you can charge your mobile phone.

On the same property as the potato is a silo that was turned into a spa retreat where you can soak and see the stars.

We can’t wait to check out both of these amazing hotels!

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