You Can Now Buy A Giant 5-Foot Corgi Sprinkler That Shoots Water Out Of Its Tail

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Enormous quirky inflatables have become a staple in pools and lakes across the world — and on Instagram — over the past few years. Forget about the standard rectangular raft; these days the pool float world is seriously competitive. And it doesn’t stop there. Why restrict inflatable fun to water when you can take it onto dry land?

If you need convincing, check out the adorable giant Corgi water sprinkler. He’s over five feet tall, shoots water out of his tail, and is just the thing to keep guests cool during backyard parties this summer.


The BigMouth Inc. Ginormous Inflatable Corgi Yard Sprinkler is available from Amazon for 59.99.

If a huge Corgi just isn’t your thing, what about a massive pink elephant? Standing over six feet tall, it shoots water out of its trunk (naturally).


The BigMouth Inc. Ginormous Inflatable Elephant Sprinkler is available from Amazon for $49.99.

If space is an issue, plenty of smaller inflatable sprinklers are just as much fun. How about a tropical pineapple? It shoots water out of four separate places, ensuring everyone can gather round and get a good soaking.


The JOYIN Inflatable Tropical Pineapple Sprinkler is available from Amazon for $13.95.

Continuing the tropical theme, a five-feet tall inflatable palm tree, which shoots water up to eight feet into the air, is the perfect size and shape to turn your entire outdoor space into a water park.


The Neilyoshop Inflatable Palm Tree Yard Sprinkler is available from Amazon for $25.95.

The must-have giant inflatable of 2017 was the unicorn, and it’s still a popular choice. It definitely has the cute factor, and it sprays water from its horn to keep excited kids cool in the heat.


The Jasonwell Inflatable Unicorn Sprinkler is available from Amazon for $37.99.

Whatever you choose, a giant inflatable sprinkler is sure to make your yard party central this summer!