These Awesomely Huge Lego-Style Blocks Will Transform Any Room

Sibling disputes? Too cold or rainy to play outside? Burgeoning engineer? None or all of the above? Have we got the invention for you: EverBlock Systems and their giant Lego-style building bricks. They are incredibly cool, not to mention quite useful.

Inventor Arrnon Rosan got the idea from talking to his children about what his next venture should be.

“[My kids] said, ‘Dad, you like to build things and if you are going to build another business, it should be something you can touch and feel,’” Rosan told TODAY in an interview. “I thought ‘Hey, what’s more fun than building with blocks?’ and my kids agreed. All three of my boys are avid Lego users, block builders, and Minecraft users.”

What began as merely a family activity turned into a business that attracts everyone from fellow parents to office workers.

With an interlocking design similar to the classic Lego blocks, EverBlocks come in sizes that rival the average builder’s brick. The colors range from muted blues and grays to bright primary shades—perfect for a kid’s room or a no-fuss addition to a more adult space. The building bricks are customizable on the website, so you can make the bricks uniquely yours.


You can even buy an attachment that installs a sliding door to the top layer of the bricks to create an entirely new room. Additionally, EverBlock is committed to the environment. Every single one of their bricks is 100 percent recyclable and can be reused countless times without waste, unlike traditional building materials.

EverBlock bar

All of the bricks can be disassembled once attached, but when they look so cool, why would you ever want to do that? Though the building blocks don’t come cheap, the time you save not searching for a solitary screw from an IKEA set more than makes up for the upfront cost. Plus, the building blocks are far more moveable, packable and just plain fun than regular furniture.

EverBlock bed

Now excuse us, we have to go build a hot-pink wall in the middle of the living room just for kicks.