This Giant St. Bernard Puppy And His 93-Year-Old Neighbor Are Best Friends

This puppy and his neighbor make for the most adorable pair.

Sally and Brody may just be the cutest couple to hit the internet since Chrissy Teigen and John Legend. This adorable pair are neighbors and the best of friends.

It all started when Brody, the new St. Bernard adopted by neighbor David Mazzarella, wandered over to Sally Rewehooeern’s house. Taken with the puppy, the widow—who lost her husband in 1990, and who has lived next to David for 15 years—offered him a snack and they’ve been pals ever since.

Visiting Sally😂❤️

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“From the moment he sees me he’s so happy,” Sally told Today. She says that David thinks it’s her voice that draws Brody to her, but Sally thinks it’s her accent. While Sally moved to Washington in 1952, she still retains the accent she developed during a childhood spent on her family’s farm in Holland.

Whatever it is, the 93-year-old Dutch immigrant and 1-year-old Brody can’t seem to get enough of each other. Their special friendship is chronicled on David’s popular Instagram account, where he built up a following sharing photos of his two dogs Blizzard and Lulu. Blizzard has since passed away, but Lulu has been bringing Brody up to speed on what it takes to be internet famous.

All Brody cares about, however, is hanging out with his next-door BFF.

Here you can see the two friends taking a car ride together:

See ya later Lulu😂😂😂

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And watching the evening news:

Watching the news with Sally.

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Brody even walks his friend Sally to church:

Can I come to church🐾🐶😂

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But perhaps the sweetest video is when Brody brings Sally her morning paper.

Trade you the newspaper for a cookie 🍪

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I really don’t know who is more adorable. The affection between the two of them is indisputable, and I may or may not be sitting here misty-eyed, with a wistful smile on my face, while watching them. Sally: Your laugh and smile would have us coming back again and again, too. And Brody: Who’s a good dog? (You. You are.)