This is the giant tube sock you never knew you needed

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We all have those days where we just want to bury ourselves into our couches and hide away from the world. Most of us call those days “Saturday” and if you’re looking for the perfect accessory for weekend holiday movie binges and more—this is it.

This giant tube sock/scarf combo is the perfect way to hide in your home—or anywhere, for that matter—and keep snuggly and warm.

You have the Dukyana website to thank for your new favorite “I don’t feel like going outside” accessory. It’s perfect for laying on the couch without having to worry about your blanket falling off. Think of it as a Snuggie but even more cocoon-like.


It’s marketed online as a scarf, but it’s so long it covers the entire body. So we’re not certain how practical this is for everyday wear, but like we said—it’s perfect for never leaving the couch.


It looks so soft and cozy. And it can be pulled over your head for when you want to take a nap.


It’s strange and brilliant all at the same time, and others online seem to agree.

“Weird looking? Yes, but I want to be warm this winter so I may try this out,” one Twitter user wrote.

Others are trying to figure out exactly how to qualify this piece of clothing, with one settling on “a body cowl,” which seems like an apt description.

Some think this is the Snuggie all over again.

But then there are those planning to use this for hibernation.

Sounds like a great plan to us!

And even if you don’t have the luxury of lounging in this all winter, we think it could work great around the office, too. You could easily put this around your legs or even pull it up to your chest while in your office chair, you know, just to stay extra cozy. You definitely don’t have to wear it all the way up to your head to reap the benefits of this fuzzy tube-like piece.

If you’re interested in staying insanely warm this winter, you can purchase one of these for yourself for $280. They were sold out online at the time of publication, but the website’s still taking orders and promising to have your order ready within 10-14 days after purchase.

Now, if you’re in the market for comfy clothes and don’t want to spend hundreds, you should also consider Feejays, which are sweatpants with feet. So you know what that means: comfort and warmth, all in one piece.


You can find them on Amazon or on the Feejays website.

May your holiday season be cozy!