Gift Crocs-loving dads headlights for their favorite shoes

Mountain bikers wear Crocs headlights on shoes

We bet most dads already have a bunch of ties and too many mugs from Father’s Days in the past. But if your dad loves his Crocs, here’s a brilliant accessory gift idea: Croc shoe lights!

This is a perfect gift for the man that has it all. He can dress up those comfy, casual shoes in a practical way with small headlights that attach to the holes at the top of the Crocs.

These little lights can help illuminate campsites, dog walks, jogs and trips to take out the trash. Wear them while you’re biking or walking in dark areas. Another use? Passionate Penny Pincher says these helpful accessories are great for anyone who has ever stepped on a toy their kids left out.

You can find a bunch of options for lights that attach to your Crocs on Amazon.

Supernight’s $8.99 Croc Lights are waterproof and lightweight with three light modes. A pair of these also comes with two shoe charms.

Amazon/Andrea D. Thomas

Kitsology LED Croc Lights are also $8.99. These bright, long-lasting shoe lights have three light modes you can switch between: constant, fast frequency flash, and slow frequency flash.

Annbest’s LED Croc Lights are large, bright and adjustable. A pair costs $14.59; these have a 4.8 out of 5-star rating, the highest rating of the headlights listed.

“Having your flashlight move with your steps is a little weird, but the light angle is adjustable,” one purchaser, who goes by IspendTOOmuchONamazon, said. “I have them on to check the mail, take out the trash, etc. I can’t wait for camping — they will be a great middle-of-the-night bathroom-run tool!”

Amazon/Lindy Zimmermann

Getti from the @gettishow TikTok account featured a pair of CrocLights branded shoe lights in January on their account, making them look pretty cool.


Tbh these #croclights are lit 🫣 Thanks for sending them my way @croclights11

♬ Smoked out Phonk – TREVASPURA

Although Crocs have been around since 2002, they’ve recently come back into style again. And accessorizing your Croc shoes has become a big thing. You can get seasonal accessories, add crocheted liners to fit inside, attach fanny packs, bedazzle them, and much more.

Do you think your dad would like some Croc lights to add a practical and fun upgrade to his shoes?

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