10 Gift Ideas For The Strong, Independent Women In Your Life

We all have that one friend. Or it might be you. Either way, what’s more fun than celebrating the accomplishments of women that know what they want, and aren’t afraid to go out and get it?

For those that like to strut their stuff, and those that want a little extra motivation, these 10 gift ideas are just for you:

1. Goddess Pledge

Parks & Rec Pawnee Poster Goddess Pledge, $9.99

2. We Are All WonderWomen Print

We Are All WonderWomen Print, $20.00

3. Boss Mug

Girl You Are A Boss Coffee Mug, $12.00

4. Girls Are Cool T-Shirt

Girls are Cool tee, $25.00

5. Women In History Print

Women in History Print, $20.00

6. Strong Women Mug

Strong Women Get Things Done Mug, $16.00

7. Inspirational T-Shirt

Empowering Girl T-Shirts, $21.99

8. This Girl Is On Fire Print

This Girl Is On Fire Print, $24.00

9. Girl Power Sign

Girl Power Sign, $15.00

10. Wall Art


Marilyn Monroe Wall Art Quote, $25.00