15 Gifts For The Clean Freak In Your Life

Most of us enjoy a tidy space, but we all know that one person who loves their home or office to be in tip-top shape at all times. Some people just love cleaning, and you know that they’ll be thrilled if their holiday present can help them attain that sparkly fresh look that’s absolutely essential. If you’re looking for a gift for the clean freak in your life, we’ve got you covered:

1. OXO Small Upright Sweet Set

The dustpan in this set locks in the “open” position, making cleaning the kitchen that much easier. The two connect and stay upright for easy storage.


Amazon, $24.99

2. Sponge Holder

Never lose the kitchen sponge with this holder that is not only practical, but doubles as decor.


Amazon, $18.45

3. Crevice Brush Set

It’s not the most glamorous gift, but this crevice brush set will sure to have your clean-loving recipient excited—they’ll finally be able to clear out those hard-to-reach spots!


Amazon, $5.99

4. Cleaning Slippers

If you’re going to walk around the house, you might as well clean it at the same time. These slippers have microfiber fingers that catch hair, dust and dirt.


Amazon, $12.99

5. Cleaning Schedule Kit

Talk about the ultimate clean freak present: An organizer that helps you schedule organizing. It doesn’t get any better than that.


Amazon, $18.95

6. Doormat

Some people feel uncomfortable telling their guests to take off their shoes, but this sassy doormat speaks for itself.


Amazon, $9.99

7. Washable Keyboard

With all those fingers touching a keyboard, it’s scary to imagine all the germs floating around on these keys. With this washable keyboard, you’ll never have to worry about cleanliness when browsing the web again.


Amazon, $69.99

8. Automatic Soap Dispenser

What could be more clean than a soap dispenser that you don’t have to touch?


Amazon, $16.95

9. Dishwasher Stickers

Your friends and family will never have to second guess whether or not the dishwasher is dirty or clean with these handy magnets.


Amazon, $2.99

10. Cleaning Bible

This book is the perfect read for someone who loves to clean and is always looking for useful shortcuts. 


Amazon, $7.05

11. Geode Coasters

Coasters don’t have to be an eye sore, and these natural agate geode coasters brighten up the home while protecting every surface.


Amazon, $26.99

12. Smartphone Sanitizer

This smartphone charger kills bacteria as it charges using revolutionary bacteria-zapping UV technology. Amazing.


Amazon, $69.99

13. Laundry Folder

This adjustable laundry-folding board helps you perfectly fold all your freshly-washed laundry.


Amazon, $10.99

14. Poo-pouri

If you need a stocking stuffer, you might want to consider this toilet bottle spray that banishes all bathroom odors.


Amazon, $10.98 

15. Castille Soap

This all-natural soap can clean just about anything—and we mean anything! In fact, there are 18 suggestions right there on the bottle.


Amazon, $19.99

Wish the clean-freak in your life a very happy (and spotless) holiday with these gifts!

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