Disney Is Launching A New Kids’ TV Show About Dinosaurs

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Here is something kids and adults of all ages can agree upon: Dinosaurs are really cool.

Disney will tap into this universal dino-love by bringing a new show to Disney Junior viewers this month — on Jan. 18, to be exact.

The animated series “Gigantosaurus” is based on the book by Jonny Duddle. The story is similar to the “Boy Who Cried Wolf,” except this time, four dinosaur pals are on a hunt for the big, bad Gigantosaurus.

And, yes, for those who are wondering, Giganotosaurus is indeed the name of a real dinosaur. It was larger than the Tyrannosaurus rex…and it was faster. Yikes!

Disney Junior

But don’t let those facts scare you. The series “Gigantosaurus” will be a feel-good program in which friendship between four young dinos (Rocky, Bill, Tiny and Mazu) is the focus, along with themes of independence, curiosity, problem-solving and kindness. The dinosaurs will be voiced by Dylan Schombing (“Sharp Objects, “The Slap”), Benjamin Jacobson (“Nina’s World) and Áine Sunderland (“My Little Pony: Friendship Is Magic”).

Disney Junior offered a sneak peek at the new series on their YouTube Channel:

It looks like these dino friends will be going on adventures that could take them anywhere. And if you’re hoping for hints about the show’s plots, you’re unlikely to get any from the book’s author and illustrator. When Duddle explained the inspiration behind the stories he creates in an interview, he made it sound like he just lets his imagination run wild.

“My picture books evolve over many months, or sometimes years, with the words and pictures feeding each other until an idea becomes more solid,” he said. “I only illustrate my own picture books, so the writing is intimately connected to the artwork and a book idea might stem from a single sketch or a single sentence.”

Check out a quick clip of the “Gigantosaurus” theme song (which you might be hearing on repeat soon if your kids like the show) below:

The show will air on Disney Channel at 9 a.m. on Jan. 18. You can also watch it on the DisneyNOW app or via cable alternatives like SlingTV.