This ‘Gilmore Girls’ Coffee Subscription Service Is The Stuff Of Dreams

You’ve probably thought ever since the show first aired, but if you feel as though you drink as much coffee as a Gilmore Girl, now there’s a service to suit your needs. Finally!

Boca Java is a coffee company that offers coffee subscriptions that will deliver coffee right to your door. So, that should definitely suit all of your caffeine needs. I mean, you don’t even have to go to the grocery store to get your fix! Score!

And Boca Java isn’t stopping there. Oh no. Take your “Gilmore Girls” coffee-drinking obsession to the next level and sign up for Gilmore-inspired coffee blends. Go on and pinch yourself because yes, this is real.

Boca Java

When you sign up for the Stars Hollow Coffee Club subscription you can choose from five different Gilmore blends to ship to your door every two or four weeks. The different blends consist of Luke’s No-Nonsense Special, Mrs. Kim-Approved Dark Roast, Sookie’s Gourmet Blend, Taylor Doose’s Town Meeting and Stars Hollow Autumn Festival.

Boca Java

If you’d rather not join the subscription service, however, there’s also the option to order these coffees individually, or as the website calls it, a la carte. The coffee retails for $7.99 per 8-ounce bag.

Boca Java

With flavors like hazelnut blended into Taylor Doose’s Town Meeting and pumpkin pie in Stars Hollow Autumn Festival, I think “Gilmore Girls” fans are going to have a hard time turning down the option to receive these beans right to their doorstep. Because, hey, that’s the kind of service your caffeine addition deserves, isn’t it?


Visit the Boca Java website to sign up today! Then, grab a mug and settle down in front of your screen. There’s some “Gilmore Girls” bingeing to be done before the “Gilmore Girls: A Year In The Life” comes to Netflix on Nov. 25 (watch the trailer below), wouldn’t you say? Nothing pairs better with a cup of joe, after all.

[h/t: Hello Giggles]