Attention ‘Gilmore Girls’ Fans: You Can Now Buy Luke’s Diner K-Cups

Urban Tee Farm

As if the Netflix revival of “Gilmore Girls” and this “Gilmore Girls” coffee club weren’t enough, you can now buy single-serve coffee cups from Luke’s Diner.

Alas, if only we could actually pop over to Luke’s Diner so that he could make us some delicious coffee with his baseball hat on backward—swoon. We’ll have to settle for K-cups for now.

A box of 12 cups from Urban Tee Farm will cost you $19.99. The Gilmore-inspired coffee is so popular that the company says shipping will take up to two weeks.

According to the label, this breakfast blend is made in Stars Hollow, the fictional small town in Connecticut where the show is set.

Urban Tee Farm

“More than a quick walk across the town square from Luke’s Diner? No worries! Brew your own cup in house. It’s basically like having Luke in your kitchen,” according to the Urban Tee Farm website.

If only.

If you’re not familiar with the show, Luke’s Diner is owned by the smoldering and sarcastic Luke Danes, who is in love with Lorelai Gilmore, one of the show’s leading ladies. Lorelai and her daughter, Rory, eat or drink at the diner in nearly every episode.

Urban Tee Farm, which launched in 2014, describes itself on Facebook as a “new shop for modern bigs & littles based in the Midwest.”

It’s also a home for TV-obsessed shoppers. While you’re sipping on your Luke’s Diner coffee, you can also gaze at laser-etched, Gilmore-inspired ornaments—each is cut and stained by hand.

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Urban Tee Farm also has a super cute line of “Gilmore Girls” T-shirts and a “You’ve Been Gilmored” box of goodies, which includes shirts, ornaments, a calendar, a pin and a tote bag. Oh, and did we mention they have lip balm?


All this, just in time to get ready for the upcoming reunion of Lorelei, Rory, Luke, Jess, Dean and Emily. “Gilmore Girls: A Year In the Life” premiered on Netflix on Nov. 25.

There’s also a company that offers coffee subscriptions with Gilmore-inspired blends and a bar serving up Gilmore cocktails! The “Gilmore Girls” craze has officially reached fanatical heights!

The Most Popular Netflix Shows In Every State

According to the folks over at High Speed Internet, “Gilmore Girls” is the most watched Netflix show in the states of Tennessee and Utah! Wondering what the most popular Netflix show is in your state? Check out this list below.

Alabama: “Bloodline”

This Netflix original is a drama that follows a family living in the Florida Keys as they fight, fraternize and even kill. Come for the sultry ocean views, stay for the gripping story line.

Alaska: “Orange Is The New Black”

Another Netflix original! This show became an instant classic the second it hit the internet, following privileged Piper Chapman as she navigates America’s prison system.

Arizona: “Orange Is The New Black”

People really love OITNB. Do you think viewers in Arizona are team Piper or team…literally everybody else?

Arkansas: “Scandal”

This gripping drama follows Olivia Pope as the former media consultant to the president of the United States. And no matter how much she tries to move on, her past keeps tugging her back…

California: “Crazy Ex-Girlfriend”

Musical shows can be extremely hit or miss, but “Crazy Ex-Girlfriend” hits all the right notes. Follow Rebecca Bunch in her cross-country quest to win the heart of Josh Chan, her old camp boyfriend. It’s great.

Colorado: “House Of Cards”

This political thriller is dark, twisty and so deliciously evil you won’t even believe it. Now in its fifth season, you can follow ruthless Kevin Spacey as Frank Underwood and his wife Claire, played by Robin Wright Penn, as they navigate the treacherous world of D.C. politics.

Connecticut: “Bloodline”

Maybe people in Connecticut like watching Bloodline so much because they’re so cold up there?

Delaware: “Shameless”

This drama follows the six children of William H. Macy as they attempt to raise themselves in spite of their father’s alcoholic antics.

D.C.: “Scandal”

Surprisingly, our nation’s capitol prefers “Scandal” to “House of Cards.” But really, it was always going to be a political show.

Florida: “Bloodline”


Georgia: “Scandal”

Show creator Shonda Rimes knows how to win an audience, no matter where they live.

Hawaii: “Unbreakable Kimmy Schmidt”

Created by SNL alum Tina Fey, this show follows Kimmy Schmidt after she’s freed from an underground bunker. It may seem all sweetness and light on the surface, but this show does a good job of tackling tough issues. Plus: Carol Kane.

Idaho: “Stranger Things”

This creepy show will turn things…upside down for you. When a child goes missing in a small town, everyone is terrified, but nobody more so than his best friends, who are trying to find him with the help of a girl named Seven and her magic powers.

Illinois: “Making A Murderer”

This documentary follows Steven Avery, who spent almost 20 years in jail for a crime he didn’t commit. After his release, he was almost immediately sent back after being accused of another murder…but did he do it?

Indiana: “Parks And Recreation”

Not even a surprise, since this classic show takes place in Pawnee, Indiana. Follow Leslie and the gang through waffles, friends and work. It doesn’t matter what order they’re in, but work comes third.

Iowa: “Scandal”

Seriously! Scandal is popular.

Kansas: “Jane The Virgin”

This show is great for anyone who wants to practice their Spanish. Follow Jane Villanueva as she navigates life as a pregnant virgin who has a telenovela star for a father. No, really. Watch it.

Kentucky: “The Walking Dead”

Zombies…zombies everywhere. This gritty series portrays life after the zombie apocalypse and is definitely not for the faint of heart.

Louisiana: “Scandal”


Maine: “Nurse Jackie”

This darkly comedic show follows nurse Jackie Peyton in New York City. She’s a mother of two, a rockstar in the ER…oh, and she’s addicted to painkillers.

Maryland: “Scandal”

Seriously now!?

Massachusetts: “Crazy Ex-Girlfriend”

Do you think Massachusetts viewers are pulling for Greg or Josh?

Michigan: “Orange Is The New Black”

FYI, Michigan watchers, the new season comes out in just a few weeks.

Minnesota: “Making A Murderer”

Steven Avery is originally from Wisconsin, so it makes sense that many midwestern states are interested in this show.

Mississippi: “Scandal”

Maybe I should start watching this show…

Missouri: “Scandal”

…because clearly everyone else is.

Montana: “Peaky Blinders”

This gangster drama is set in Birmingham, England, just before the start of the 1920s. Following the exploits of the Peaky Blinders gang will leave you talking like a Brummie and on the edge of your seat.

Nebraska: “Orange Is The New Black”

Even viewers in Nebraska can’t deny the perfect relationship between Poussey Washington and Brook Soso. 


Nevada: “Narcos”

Another great show if you want to become bilingual, this fast-paced drama follows the famous—or rather, infamous—Medellín drug cartel in Colombia.

New Hampshire: “Bloodline”

Seriously, they must be cold up there, because the beach scenes in “Bloodline” are nothing short of blissful.

New Jersey: “Narcos”

This Netflix original series is popular across the country.

New Mexico: “Orange Is The New Black”

Are viewers in New Mexico as excited for the new season as I am? What will Daya do?!

New York: “Crazy Ex-Girlfriend”

Even though only one episode of the show takes place in New York, Rebecca Bunch is a Manhattanite’s Manhattanite.

North Carolina: “Scandal”

Seriously. Everyone is obsessed.

North Dakota: “Unbreakable Kimmy Schmidt”

Do people in North Dakota enjoy peeenoooooooo noir?

Ohio: “Scandal”


Oklahoma: “Orange Is The New Black”

Oklahomans: any bets on what will happen to Nichols?

Oregon: “Portlandia”

This is a no-brainer. Obviously people in Oregon love the spoof show starring Carrie Brownstein and Fred Armisen as they tackle the absurd hipster landscape that is Portland, Oregon.

Pennsylvania: “Shameless”

Emmy Rossum must have quite the fan-base in Pennsylvania.

Rhode Island: “Peaky Blinders”

The smallest state wants a piece of the action too!

South Carolina: “Bloodline”

South Carolina viewers will have to say goodbye to Bloodline after this season—its third and final.

South Dakota: “Making A Murderer”

Everyone wants to know if he did it.


Tennessee: “Gilmore Girls”

A classic show that you watched with your mom, it follows Rory and Lorelai Gilmore as they wreak havoc upon their home of Stars Hollow.

Texas: “Narcos”

Just starting its third season, Narcos is already preparing for its fourth.

Utah: “Gilmore Girls”

I wonder if Utah viewers liked the “Gilmore Girls” reboot?

Vermont: “New Girl”

This quirky comedy follows Jessica Day (played by Zoey Deschanel) and her exploits with her roommates, Nick, Schmidt and Winston. You’ll laugh, you’ll cry, you’ll fall in love.

Virginia: “House Of Cards”

Unsurprisingly, Virginia likes political television. It does border our nation’s capitol, after all.

Washington: “Crazy Ex-Girlfriend”

Are Washingtonians just as eager to see what will happen to Josh Chan in season three?

West Virginia: “American Horror Story”

Apparently, West Virginians like to have the wits scared out of them. Each season follows a single story line and (in my very wimpy opinion), each is scarier than the last.

Wisconsin: “Fuller House”

Wisconsinites are clearly nostalgic for simpler times, which is why they like the reboot of the San Francisco classic “Full House” (where Mary Kate and Ashley got their start!).

Wyoming: “IZombie”

This macabre comedy show follows Liv, a woman who has recently been turned into a zombie, working as a police detective. She’s very good at her job…because eating brains can help her see how victims were murdered! It sounds silly, but it’s actually a pretty cute show.

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