This Ginormous Pillow Is Exactly What We Need To Relax

Let’s face it: In this busy world, sometimes we all need is a little time to relax. And what better way to take a load off than by snuggling up in an absurdly large pillow?

This pillow/couch/chair made by Lovesac is called the Big One—for an obvious reason. It measures 8 feet wide by 3 feet tall. If you want to cuddle with your significant other, there is more than enough room. In fact, you could even have your dog join you, as it fits up to three adults.


And unlike a traditional bean bag, the Big One is made with shredded Durafoam, which absorbs body weight and doesn’t compress over time.

The folks at Insider took the Big One for a test drive, and it sure looks comfy.

Now, relaxation does not come cheap. This fancy pillow will set you back a cool $1,300 (although its currently on sale for $1040). But then, can you really put a price on your comfort?

It comes in about 80 colors and styles, so there should be one to fit every taste. Keep in my mind that you may need to remove some other furniture to fit this massive piece in your room.

Here are some of the styles we liked the most.

Soft, Furry White

This Polar Cut Phur Cover in white could be a great option for a bedroom or somewhere relatively kid-free!


Soft, Furry Gray

The same idea as above but even furrier. The Chinchilla Dense Phur cover in gray is a great, stain-resistant choice for homes with kids and pets.



A Cool, Funky Pattern

This Atomic Morocco Polylinen cover looks chic and vibrant.

More Cozy Chair Options

If the Lovesac’s not entirely your style, there are plenty of other cozy chairs out there that may do the trick. Here are a few ideas (some of which are available for purchase and some that are only concepts at this point):

1. The Inchworm

If you miss the days of your cradle, you’ll enjoy this encapsulating piece of furniture, aptly named The Inchworm. The cushions wrap around you when you lay down, making it a cozy spot to read a book or just relax.

Alexandra Knyazevoy

You can glide through the air in these hanging loungers:

2. Seatcraft Cuddle Seat

If you like to watch movies curled up against your significant other, these chairs are for you. And you won’t feel smushed, as these chairs are made for two.


4Seating, $999

3. A Papasan Chair

This plush chair not only adds an accent to the room, but it provides a nice, comfy cushion to set your bum down on after a long day. Nothing says “curl up here” like a papasan chair.

Pier 1

Pier 1 Imports, $54.95 for the frame and cushion (sold separately)

4. Cradle For Adults

You’ll feel just like a tiny baby when you cozy up into this cradle made for adults. This beautifully-crafted wooden piece of furniture is as aesthetically appealing as it is comfortable.

Yanko Design

Yanko Design, not yet available