This Girl Flipped A Pair Of Frozen Pants In Air And They Landed Perfectly

If you live in an area of the country that escaped the harsh effects of the polar vortex, as I do, this will probably blow your mind. A video posted to YouTube last week shows a young woman flipping a pair of frozen sweatpants into the air — and the legwear sticks the landing!

The viral short was posted by Maple Grove, Minnesota resident Danika Brinda, who was simply trying to keep her kids entertained while school was closed. In that region, temperatures dropped as low as -27 degrees during the worst days of the vortex. You’ve just got to watch the video to believe it:

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The funniest part might be the slowed-down shouts of victory as the pants complete their Simone-Biles-level twisting flips.

Apparently, frozen pants are a “thing” in Minnesota and other icy parts of the Midwest. Just for giggles in the dead of winter, folks will dip a pair of pants in water, shape them, let them freeze outside and then prop them up in a standing position. Presto — a pair of vacant pants loitering in your yard, as Twitter user @conconleedon demonstrated in a photo of her neighbor’s ghostly display:

“It’s the only funny thing about this weather,” a local told the Minneapolis Star-Tribune in 2016. “I always know the pants are going to be there.”

You do what you’ve gotta do, I suppose. Perhaps this video will add a new pastime to the wintry mix: acrobatic frozen-pants feats.