This 11-Year-Old Girl Gives Bald Dolls to Kids with Cancer And Their Reactions Are Priceless

Eleven-year-old Bella Fricker is on a mission. She wants to bring joy to the world of children affected by a devastating diagnosis: cancer. Sadly, one of Bella’s friends died from a rare form of brain cancer when she was only 5 years old. And, while this illness may cast a shadow on these young people’s lives, Bella found a way to shine a light into their world by sharing something she loves.

You see, Bella adores American Girl dolls. When she was 9, Bella was flipping through one of the mail catalogs and came across special dolls made with no hair. These dolls are part of the “Truly Me” collection, where kids can create their own doll that reflects their look and personality. And, for kids who are going through treatment and have lost their hair, this collection is so meaningful.

When Bella saw these dolls, she was moved to help and decided she wanted to earn some money to buy a few of the dolls to share with kids in need.

“A month or two later she had made a bunch of plastic bracelets,” her mom, Valerie Fricker, shared with People. “And, she said, ‘Mom, I made these! Can you sell these to your friends on Facebook? We can raise money and buy the dolls!'” Here are the bracelets, on her charity’s Instagram account:

It didn’t take long for Bella to raise enough money to purchase three of the special dolls. Bella and her mom visited an Atlanta hospital in December 2016 to give the first doll to a little girl, and her mom captured the moment to post it on Facebook:

“It felt really good to watch her do that,” Valerie said of Bella’s gift. “It fills your heart to see her do something so sweet, and kind, and selfless for another child that is unfortunately going through something terrible such as chemotherapy and treatments and all the stuff these kids go through.”

Through her charity/business the Peace Love Bracelets Foundation, Bella has made and sold enough bracelets to purchase a total of 38 dolls for children so far. And it’s clear that all of these brave little girls not only adore their new doll, but also the little girl who had the inspiration to make their dreams come true! Check out these four new friends Bella gave dolls to in one day:

Bella has even touched the lives of those closest to her. One of her own friends she’s had since kindergarten received an American Girl doll thanks to Bella’s fundraising efforts:

Keep up the amazing work, Bella! You are making a difference in this world!