This 6-Year-Old Ordered $350 Worth Toys Off Her Mom’s Amazon Account

Every Amazon Prime customer knows that the convenience of ordering items with just one click to ship the next day cannot be beat. If you become a little click-happy with the mouse, though, it can put a major dent in your bank account in a hurry.

That’s exactly what happened to one mom recently — only she wasn’t the one doing the ordering. Catherine Lunt let her 6-year-old daughter, Katelyn, hop on the online retailer’s site to order a Barbie for her birthday. Later, Katelyn asked to go back on Amazon to check the status of her order.

But what was supposed to be a quick check turned into a massive shopping spree! The little girl ended up ordering $350 worth of toys to her home — mostly Barbies and other dolls, according to her mom.

Katelyn’s family was unaware of her mischievous Amazon purchases until a delivery driver arrived outside their Utah home the next day and began unloading what seemed like a never-ending stream of boxes.

Katelyn’s older cousin, Ria Diyaolu, took to Twitter to share the hilarious story along with this photo evidence of Kaitlyn’s clever trick:

“My bada** little cousin ordered $300 worth of toys w/o my aunt & uncle knowing,” she captioned the photo of Katelyn gleefully smiling alongside several of her packages outside the delivery truck as her mom looks on in disbelief. “This is a picture of how everyone found out.”

The post has now been retweeted more than 26,000 times.

“Her mom went on her Amazon account and saw three pages of things she had ordered,” Diyalou told BuzzFeed News. “She knew exactly what she was doing when she did it. I was so surprised that a 6-year-old knew how to do one-click, next-day shipping.”

Hundreds of users weighed in, many of them parents who said they could empathize with Katelyn’s mom. @kaballix and @SuperSaiyan19xx even said the same thing happened to them:

Later Diyaolu tweeted again with an update:

“UPDATE: Kaitlin [sic] chose to donate all of the toys to the Children’s Hospital where she stayed for a week when she was a baby! She wanted to give a little joy to those who aren’t well,” she wrote.

The toys found a new home in Primary Children’s Hospital in Salt Lake City. Fortunately, Lunt was also able to cancel some toys that had not yet shipped!

Not surprisingly, Katelyn’s internet privileges have been revoked for one month. And we’re guessing this family will keep a closer eye on her web activity when she next logs on!