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Family Warns Other Parents After Daughter Has Allergic Reaction To Family Dollar Makeup

This is scary.

Kids love playing with makeup kits, but since most of us don’t want our Naked Palettes ruined by little fingers, we buy play makeup sets intended for kids. However, parents everywhere may want think twice about letting children play with makeup, which can cause painful and itchy allergic reactions.

Parents Tony and Kylie Cravens recently learned this lesson the hard way. The family shared their story on Facebook in the hopes of preventing other children from being hurt.

Kylie bought a makeup kit from her local Family Dollar store near Georgetown, Illinois. She explained that she had purchased similar makeup kits in the past for her daughter, Lydia, but had not bought this particular brand.

After playing with the kit throughout the day, Lydia suddenly had a severe allergic reaction and had to be rushed to the hospital. Her eyes were swollen shut and she got hives, a painful rash. She could barely eat because her lips were so cracked and sore.

What was the cause of these horrible symptoms? None other than the makeup kit, which the Cravens said included six chemicals which can cause allergic reactions.

As you can see in this picture, the brand is called “B ME” and it comes with three lip glosses, two lipsticks and three blushes:

While Lydia is on the road to recovery, her parents are urging other parents to be careful about giving makeup kits to children.

This is not the first time that parents have raised concerns over the chemicals in children’s makeup kits. Last year, Claire’s recalled nine makeup kits from their shelves after it was found they included tremolite asbestos, a toxic substance which can cause cancer. This dangerous ingredient was discovered after a mother purchased the kits herself from Claire’s and independently sent them to a lab for testing.

However, no other complaints about the Family Dollar makeup has been issued at this time. Some children have sensitive skin which could put them at higher risk of incidents such as this, but it is a good reminder to read the ingredients list and to make sure to “spot test” makeup on a child’s arm or hand before allowing it to apply them to their face.

Family Dollar released a statement to saying claiming the company independently tested the makeup kit for toxic chemicals and none were found:

“In 2016, we purchased a supplier’s product matching the photo in social media. In accordance with our procedures, our supplier’s product had been independently tested for toxic chemicals. Upon being made aware of this incident, we re-confirmed that test results showed that no toxic chemicals were found in these make-up kits. We have received no other complaints or claims of allergic reactions related to this product.”

The bottom line is that these makeup kits are made with chemicals which may not always be safe for every child, and in America, the beauty industry is notoriously under-regulated.

Maybe it’s better to stick to playing Barbies or playing ball. Our girls have plenty of time to play with makeup when they’re older.

[H/t: PopSugar]