Girl Scout Troops Are Selling Cookies At Drive-Thrus

Girl Scout Cookies
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Buckle your seatbelts! Girl Scout cookie time is upon us, and some troops are trying a new delivery method this year: Cookie drive-thrus.

A troop in Indiana is attracting attention for their drive-thru sale on Feb. 2, but it turns out that this is a trending sales strategy with other troops as well. A quick Google reveals that scouts in other councils around the country have been working the drive-thru angle for years now, including scouts in Pennsylvania, Nebraska, New Hampshire and Alabama.

WTVR CBS News 6 covered a troop braving their snowy cookie drive-thru in Virginia last year:

Those Girl Scouts are working both their entrepreneurial skills and their survival skills in that weather.

Back when I was a Brownie, I toted a little sign-up folder around the neighborhood and had people place orders with me. Then we had to wait for the boxes to arrive and hoof it to deliver the orders.

Today, the cookies land in the customers’ hands as soon as they fork over the cash — and now they might not even have to get out of the car.

Girl Scout cookie photo
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Also marvelous: Did you know that Thin Mints are vegan? So are the Thanks-A-Lot chocolate and shortbread cookies. And for your gluten-free friends, the brand-new Caramel Chocolate Chips are available in some markets (and the Toffee-Tastic is gluten-free, too).

Now that you’re probably fiercely craving Girl Scout cookies, you can visit the scouts’  website to find cookie sellers near you. Or download the Cookie Finder app. Or, if you know a scout who’s selling, you might be able to buy online. And if you miss every chance to buy them during cookie season, you can also buy them on Amazon year round.

Modern life is amazing.

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