Girl Scout cookie season has arrived! Here’s how to buy

Girl Scout sells cookies
Girl Scouts of the USA

January is traditionally a low-key month for holidays, but there is one big milestone for those with a sweet tooth. The Girl Scouts of America officially fired the starting pistol for Girl Scout Cookie Season on Tuesday, which means you’ll be seeing those tempting, colorful boxes very soon around your office and outside of grocery stores. From now through April, Girl Scouts will be selling the cookies to fund their local clubs and learn entrepreneurial skills.

Girl Scouts selling cookies at a table

Finding those cookies is half the fun, and the Scouts usually make it easy. If you don’t already know a Girl Scout or someone who’s a parent of one, you can enter your zip code at the Girl Scout Cookie Finder and see where they’ll have tables set up for purchasing. You can also text COOKIES to 59618 and get information on local Girl Scout clubs in your area. Can’t leave the house? You can feed your cookie craving by ordering online from, but you’ll have to wait until Feb. 16 to order.

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However you order, you’ll see a lot of the old favorites from your local Girl Scouts this year. Buyers will be able to get all the classics including Samoas (also known as Caramel DeLites), Peanut Butter Patties (Tagalongs), Caramel Chocolate Chip Cookies, Adventurefuls, Lemon-Ups, Trefoils — and yes, the ever-popular Thin Mints. The Scouts did not debut any new cookies for 2024, and last year’s newcomer (the Raspberry Rally) has been discontinued.

Aside from the laudable mission of Girl Scout Cookie sales, the great thing about the boxes is that they’ve always been affordable. That might be a little less true in 2024, as People reported last year that inflation had finally caught up to some Girl Scout troops. Prices rose from $5 to $6 per box in some locations including New York, California and Louisiana, though it should be noted that individual chapters set their own prices.

Which cookies are you planning to buy this year?

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