This Girl Wore Her Mom’s Old Dress To Prom, And It Was The Sweetest Thing Ever

With fashion, they say everything eventually comes back into style again, and that’s exactly what happened with 17-year-old Olivia Parker, who decided to wear her mom’s prom dress from 1991. Ever since Olivia was a child, she longed to wear the dress. However, each time she tried it on, it was either too big or too small.

Then came Olivia’s own prom. The day of the dance, the dress she had chosen to wear, which looked very similar to her mother’s old dress, was ruined at the dry cleaners. There was a large, dark crease on the front of the dress.

Olivia’s mom, Brande Walker, was going through her closet trying to help Olivia find a last-minute replacement dress for prom, and there it was—the dress Olivia had loved to try on as a little girl. This time, it fit her perfectly. Fate, right?!

My prom dress was the first one Olivia tried on and it couldn’t have fit better,” Walker told TODAY. “She didn’t even try on any others.”

Olivia agreed. “It was really emotional for both of us,” Olivia told TODAY. “I looked in the mirror and cried and then she started to cry. I’ve always dreamed of wearing it, but never thought it’d fit, and now my dream was coming true.”

Here’s a photo of Olivia in the dress with her date for the dance.

Olivia Parker

And here’s one of her and her mom side-by-side. Awww!

Brande Walker

Could this story be any sweeter?! We love mom-to-the-rescue stories, but this one is up there as one of our favorites.

“I loved twirling in the dress and thinking about my mom twirling in it at her prom,” Olivia told TODAY. “It made the night even more special.”

Brande Walker

We know one thing for sure: This story is definitely motivating us to go through our closets and attics and find our old prom dresses and clothes. Even if we don’t have our own kids wear them, we can wear them or give them to others in need. Now if you’ll excuse us while we go do some digging.