Girlfriend saves boyfriend’s life after he’s struck by lightning

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Isaiah Cormier and his girlfriend of more than two years Juliette Moore were camping together near Nederland, Colorado, when what was supposed to be a fun trip took a turn for the worst.

Moore, who is 18 years old, found her boyfriend face down on the ground near their tent. He had no pulse and had been struck by lightning, according to a Boulder County Sheriff’s Office press release.

Thankfully, Moore had taken a CPR class and began to try to resuscitate Cormier.

“I only had to do one round, and he came back and started gasping,” Moore told KMGH. “And he stopped breathing again, so I gave him a second round of CPR after that he was breathing and doing alright.”

Once he was breathing again, the couple was able to call 911 and thanks to the help of another camper who heard Moore’s cries for help, they were able to get Cormier in the car to drive to meet medical personnel. Her boyfriend was taken to the hospital and released a day later.

He very much credits his girlfriend for saving his life.

“I was going to die she brought me back,” he told the TV station. “I was going to die again she brought me back.”

Thankfully, he’s only a little sore and has a small mark on his neck as a result of the accident, which could have been much, much worse if it weren’t for Moore.

And now that he is still alive and well — thanks to her. He has plans to keep her in his life.

“I’m excited to spend the rest of the life she gave me with her,” he told the news outlet.

She told WFMY News that she “didn’t feel comfortable saying [that she saved his life] yet,” but Cormier is more than happy to say it and told WFMY News he plans to spend the rest of his life repaying her for what she did for him.

For now, the couple’s encouraging others to learn CPR and looking forward to their future together. One thing Moore is excited about for the two of them:

“I think I’m gonna win a lot of arguments in the future,” Moore told KMGH.

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