This Give Back Program Is The BEST Way To Get Rid Of All Those Empty Boxes

With the rush to get holiday presents just in time, you’ve likely gotten quite a few packages expedited to your doorstep. Now that the gifts are in, what are you going to do with all of those boxes? Recycling is probably your normal go-to, but this initiative is even better.

The Give Back Box program lets you fill those boxes with items you’ve been meaning to donate (except for electronics), but just haven’t found the time to (until now!).

Once your box is full, you can head to the Give Back Box website and print out a pre-paid shipping label. The box will be taken to the nearest participating Goodwill. Then, someone in need will have access to gently used clothing, shoes and more.

Now, that beats just simply recycling, doesn’t it? You bet.

Even better: If you can’t print a pre-paid label at home, take it to a UPS store and they’ll do it for you.

Consumerist points out that if you sign up for a Give Back Box account, you’ll be able to print out a tax-refundable receipt for your donation.

According to the Give Back Box website, “Give Back Box not only provides an easy way to be part of a truly good cause, it also allows cardboard boxes a second life by recycling them and keeping them away from landfills to help improve our environment.

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So this is an all-round CSR & Sustainability solution that costs you literally nothing.” And they couldn’t be more right about that.

Has there ever been a better win-win than this program? You get to clear out stuff you no longer want (empty boxes included) and ensure that they reach those in need. You might as well get a jumpstart on that New Year’s Resolution to clean out your closet.

There are several retailers who participate in this give back program such as Amazon, Overstock, Loft, etc. But, the website does say that any old box will do. It does not have to be one that came from a participating retailer. However, you can view the full list of participating places here.