Give Your Loved Ones The Power Of Fireball Whisky—Out Of A Box!

Do you remember the last time you breathed fire? Probably not, since it most likely happened after you drank Fireball Cinnamon Whisky all night long. Alcohol tends to make you forget you once held the same power as a fire-breathing dragon.

But after you look at this, you’ll never forget the last time you drank Fireball. Because how often have you had whiskey served out of a box? Exactly, never.

Until now.

The makers of Fireball have now created a Firebox (#marketing), which is boxed Fireball. There are 3.5 liters of Fireball, or 80 shots, trapped inside the box, waiting to come out to play. There are two spigots on either side so your entire posse can breathe fire. Prices will vary, depending on which store you buy it from or which website has the best deal.

You better hurry, though: one online store is out of stock, and they sold their box for $50, when the suggested retail price is closer to $70. Most US liquor stores will carry Firebox, according to the Fireball website.

You can use the Firebox for these three perfect scenarios:

1. Office Christmas Party

You want to see Janet from Accounting go crazy? Give her the chance to down a few shots from this bad boy, and watch her sing “Come Sail Away” by Eric Clapton.

2. Present under the Christmas tree

Christmas is the season of giving. Santa will put you on the naughty list if you’re not giving this awesome gift to others. Aunt Gina is in need of a good time. Give her the gift of fire this Christmas.

3. Keep for yourself

Or, you can save money and keep it all for yourself. It’s less than $1 per shot, which is a great deal. Bars in your area could charge you $4 for one glorious shot of Fireball. Why not save money and keep that box for yourself?