Give The Gift Of You: Wrapping Paper With Your Face On It

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So what’s better than giving a gift with your face on it? Literally nothing. There’s a new service that lets you put your smiling mug on gift wrap, taking narcissism (or practical jokes) to the next level.

Just imagine the delight on the faces of your friends and family when they receive a beautifully wrapped package adorned with your pretty head. Nothing captures the holidays better.

As an alternative, you can also put your friends and family on the wrapping paper. After all, why not? At the very least, it’ll likely get a laugh.

The process is really simple. All you have to do is upload a photo to, outline your head and choose the gift wrap you want to smack your face onto. It costs $9.95 for a half roll and $16.95 for a full roll.

Of course, if you are looking to stray from traditional wrapping paper this upcoming holiday season, then you might want to consider one of these quick tricks. For instance, try making a gift bag from wrapping paper using this method from Designer Trapped In A Lawyer’s Body. All you need is wrapping paper, tape and ribbon, and you’ll save yourself a trip to the store.


Top Inspired

And if you want to add a touch of humor to your gift wrap, then you really can’t go wrong with bacon or taco-themed wrapping paper.


Or, maybe the best of them all,  you can always try this wrapping paper featuring kittens wearing Santa hats. It’s so cute, your friends and family may not even want to tear it open!


What’s your favorite holiday gift wrapping trick?