Glitter Beards Are Taking Over The Internet

Bearded men have a new, messy way to celebrate the holidays this year. Glitter beards are taking over social media, but they aren’t for the feint of heart. Only the truly brave and bearded can conquer having a beard full of bright gold glitter for the holidays, but the end result is certainly worth the tribulation.

The social media team behind the glitter beards are known as “The Gay Beards,” according to Business InsiderThe pair’s Instagram has photos of their beards decorated with many different materials: Cheetos, flowers, rainbow candies, fake spider webs and plastic spiders for Halloween. They even dressed their beards up as turkeys for Thanksgiving.

After a photo of the duo’s glitter beards went viral, people started asking them how they did it. So, they made a YouTube video to explain their process. Brian, one of the two Gay Beards, said people have been asking how they create the beards: “Is it magic? Is it witchcraft?,” he jokes in the video.

“It took a lot of attempts to figure out how to get the proper glitter beard, even though we’ve improved our glitter beard-ing,” Brian says.

Johnathan, the other Gay Beard, also confirms the fear that glitter will be all over your house, your things, “and everywhere you go.” So, prepare yourself accordingly, and those afraid of glitter may want to abort the mission altogether.

Here are the simple steps Johnathan and Brian use to achieve their glitter beards.

First, the pair says beard oil is useful, though it’s not a necessity. Brian says that glitter will stick to “damn near everything,” but if you’re going out with your glitter beard to a party, then you’re going to need something like beard oil to ensure minimum glitter loss. If you don’t have beard oil, you can use hairspray. In the video, they apply their beard oil, and Brian says, “Every time we do glitter beards, I get a little bit nervous right before we put it on because there’s no going back—literally.” Or, “glitterally,” Johnathan corrects him.

Second, make sure you do any shaving or trimming prior to applying the glitter. Like they say in the video, there’s no going back once the glitter is in, so if your beard isn’t properly shaped before applying the glitter, then you’re done for.

Third, the pair use real gold flakes for their bristles. They claim they had to take out a loan for $17,000 to get enough glitter for both of their beards. Then, Brian delicately pours the glitter onto Johnathan’s beard, while attempting to catch the glitter that’s falling all over his shirt and the floor.

Fourth, breathe carefully. Once the glitter is applied to your beard, Brian says you have to be very careful not to breathe it in. Again, the pair stressed that once the glitter is on your beard, it will get all over you, your clothing, and everything else that you might touch. There truly is no going back once you decide to don a beard full of glitter.

Check out their YouTube tutorial and some glitter beard attempts by fearless beardtrotters around the world.

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Main Image: The Gay Beards/YouTube