Glitter Grout Is The Newest Home Decor Trend You’ll Want To Try

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You know that paste used to fill in the space between tiles in your home? Well if you didn’t know, it’s called grout and you can officially make it glittery.

Your search for the next accessory to jazz up your bathroom or kitchen is over, thanks to glitter grout. The trend has been making waves in social media—it seems people can’t get enough of all that glitters, even grout.

It only took 24 hours for a Facebook post about glitter grout to gain attention with more than 300,000 shares (it now has over 840,000).

Yes, it is only glitter and grout, but the sparkling effect makes it even more magical.

The glitter can be purchased pre-mixed or you can buy the glitter flakes and add them yourself. A quart of Fusion Pro pre-mixed will run you about $32 at Home Depot, or you can buy the flakes on Amazon for $14. Once you add that to a quart of regular grout, which you can get for around $10, mixing the grout yourself will save you about $8.

This type of grout can be used anywhere you’d use grout—from the shower or sink to tiles in the kitchen, bathroom and even the ones on the floor. Use this anywhere you want to add some sparkle to your home.

Glitter grout comes in a range of colors including red, blue, black, grey, beige, silver and gold.

If you’re like us, the photos will make you want to immediately start glittering all of your grout. Try it and you won’t believe how brightly your bathroom and kitchen shine.

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