These glitter highlights would look perfect for your NYE celebration

As we count down to January, we inevitably think of new beginnings. New goals. New career paths. New workout routines. New hobbies. New diets.

The new year can also be a great time to change up your look. You likely unwrapped a lot of new sweaters and suit sets on Christmas morning. Why not take a cue from your brand new wardrobe and get a jump start on the whole new you by debuting glitter highlights on New Year’s Eve. Check it out:

Super pretty and sparkly, right?

So what are glitter highlights exactly? While it may look like you somehow got a few strands of tinsel from the Christmas tree into your mane, it’s a little more complicated than that. Commonly known as “glitterage,” achieving this stunning look involves painting the glitter onto the hair the same way balayage is done.

Glitterage washes out after a shower or two, so if you’re unsure if glittering locks will fly as well in the office as they do on the dance floor, you can just try it for one night out on the town.

Check out the trend looking awesome on an Instagrammer:

This sparkling bun makes such a fun statement:

Danielle Wade, a Denver stylist at Asteria Salon who is responsible for the hairstyle above, explains her process. “You can use the same technique for an entire head like we did or add just a few accent pieces that could be a quick and easy add-on,” she told Allure. “The Glitterage will shampoo out of your hair, however, it IS glitter, so prepare to have it sparkle-ify your life. I recommend brushing some of it prior to washing to avoid it all going down the drain.”

See her in action here, doing up someone else’s hair:

So cool! And it looks super-chic when worn as an updo:

A more colorful version can be playful and fun:

If you want to give this sparkly style a try, call your stylist and see if they offer the service. If not, you can recreate it yourself with a glitter spray, like this IGK Preparty Hair Strobing Glitter Spray, available at Sephora for $16. Shine on!

[h/t: Elite Daily]