This Glitter Nail Polish Hack Will Blow Your Mind

Nothing says “party time” quite like glitter nail polish. Glittery nails can dress up anything from the simplest black dress to even a basic white tee and skinny jeans.

But as anyone who has ever grappled with a bottle of the sparkly stuff knows, glitter nail polish can be a cruel mistress! It goes on gloopy and patchy. And then removing glitter nail polish takes more muscle power than a Pilates class. Not to mention, it never looks as lush and gorge as it does in the bottle!

glitter nail polish photo
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Why is that? Are the glitter odds just never in our favor? Nope. It turns out we have ALL been painting our nails wrong since the beginning of time! Yep, that’s embarrassing. But help is here! Finally, there is a glitter nail polish hack that will make your mani a perfect 10.

glitter nail polish photo
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It’s pretty simple. All you have to do is use liquid latex around your cuticles and finger tips, then use a makeup sponge or blender to dab the glitter polish on to your nails.

Why does it work? Well, the sponge works to soak up the “polish” part of the nail polish, allowing you to get all that rich, sparkly glitter all over your nails. Watch this video from beauty blogger Kelli Marissa to perfect your technique:

Removing Glitter Nail Polish

When you are finally ready to break up with that beautiful glitter mani? Just remove it the way you would a gel polish. Soak a few pieces of cotton in nail polish remover, wrap it on your fingers with foil on top, and then let it sit for three to five minutes. When you unwrap it, the polish should be mostly gone.

Hint: Heat helps speed up the process, so place your hands in the sunlight to make the glitter dissolve even faster.

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When glitter nails look so awesome, who would ever want to give them up!?