Glitter Walls Are The Newest Home Trend And We Are Intrigued

A clean home that sparkles from top to bottom is something everyone can get on board with. No matter what your personal design aesthetic, clean is always in. But what if you could add literal sparkles to your home?

Lately, a few brave souls have been proving that you can—and not just in the kids’ room. With glitter paint, sparkling wall paper and glitzy DIY finishes, there are more ways than ever to make a bit of your home shine.

Some people merely dabbled in the dazzling with just a small bit of glitz. Instagram user @inspire_me_home_decor posted Aria Designs’ version of a glitter wall, which makes this bathroom shimmer:

While this glitter wall, from Home & Style KC, appears to be lit from within:

Bathrooms have the perfect amount of space for going wild—but not too wild. They are ripe for creativity. The smaller space is also easier to change once you’ve had your festive fill. Though we don’t know that we’d ever tire of this glitter wall Instagram user @jasleigh_home_x created in her bathroom. And did you notice the matching toilet seat?

Another powder room option is glitter grout. It’s a subtle way to dial up the sparkle, as illustrated by Instagram user @kare_bear_81:

Glitter interior design doesn’t have to be limited to the bathroom. In fact, glitter walls fit right in throughout the home.

For example, this modern take on a fireplace posted by Instagram user @prenticehomes4sale adds sparkle to a living room. Gold glitter frames the crackling fire and definitely makes a statement in the room:

Similarly, mirrored tiles and wall treatments can give the illusion of glitter without the potential mess. Even without windows, this basement wall reflects lots of light:

Glitter can also enhance a glam bedroom. For example, this Champagne-infused glitter wall posted by glitter wall purveyor @glitterglamourwalls complements luxe velvet and mirrored furniture:

On the other hand, check out this photo by Instagram user @prettyfitjones. This bedroom has just a hint of sparkle. The glitter stripe runs around the room. It strikes a good balance of bling.

Finally, if you want a bit of razzle dazzle while you’re dining, a wallpapered glitter wall is ideal. This shimmering accent wall shared by @stephensonlee.decorating matches the sparkle place mats:

While glitter walls are not necessarily the interior design trend for 2018, they are enjoying their 15 minutes of Instagram fame.

So, could you see a glitter wall in your own home?