Gloria Estefan and Andy Garcia to star in ‘Father of the Bride’ remake


Wedding bells are ringing … again! Gloria Estefan and Andy Garcia are set to play the parents in a new Cuban-American twist on “Father of the Bride.” This is the third time the story has been told on screen.

The popular 1991 film, “Father of the Bride,” starred Steve Martin and was based on the 1950 “Father of the Bride” movie, headlined by Spencer Tracy and Elizabeth Taylor. Both of those movies had sequels focusing on the bride having a child. There was even a 2020 short film called “Father of the Bride 3(ish).” It reunited the 1991 film cast via a group video call for son Matty’s virtual wedding.

The original Tracy-Taylor movie was based on the 1949 novel of the same name by Edward Streeter. Here’s the original trailer for that 1950 film.

The new Estefan-Garcia film will be a Warner Bros. production, directed by Gaz Alazraki and written by Matt Lopez. Adria Arjona, who is to star in a “Rogue One” Star Wars spin-off series, “Andor,” is set to fill the bride’s shoes.

“The film will tell the story of a father coming to grips with his daughter’s upcoming wedding through the prism of multiple relationships within a big, sprawling Cuban-American family,” Deadline noted. “It will be more of a rom-com than previous versions of [the] film.”

Deadline also noted the new film would be more in the vein of the 1950 original than the 1990s version.

Estefan posted in English and Spanish on Instagram about the planned movie.

“A resounding YES was my answer to the invitation to join my good friend, the incredibly talented Andy Garcia, for this new and wonderfully warm and funny incarnation of the classic, ‘Father Of The Bride’!” she said. “I’ve been a fan of Director, Gaz Alazraki, since I saw his record-breaking comedy, ‘Nosotros Los Nobles’ and can’t wait to experience how he brings this amazing script by Matt Lopez to life.”


Garcia has four children, including three daughters, so he may relate particularly well to the title role of the new film. Estefan is the mother of a son and a daughter.

The 1991 “Father of the Bride” had many parallels and nods to the 1950 version. So it’ll be interesting to see if the 2020s version does the same. Will you watch?

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