Go On This Cruise Inspired By Shark Week

Shark Week lovers, we have some totally jawsome news — you can now go on a themed cruise that celebrates your love (and fear?) of the oceanic predators.

This year marks the 30th anniversary of Discovery Channel’s Shark Week, which — for the uninitiated — is a captivating deep dive into all things sharks that plays out from the safety of your television. To celebrate the cult following the programming has garnered, Princess Cruises, through a partnership with the Discovery Channel, is stretching Shark Week into a full season with shark-themed cruises onboard Caribbean Princess. There are also select sailings in both Alaska and the United Kingdom.

Princess Cruises

Princess has designed a variety of activities and games to challenge adults and kids alike, all centered around sharks. And in addition to the fun you’ll have with these, you’re also likely to learn something, too! (For starters, sharks don’t actually find humans palatable! We can go ahead and blame “Jaws” for some bad shark branding.)

The shark-themed cruises offered by Princess will include cocktails like “Shark Attack Margarita” and a tropical “Great Blue Shark” specialty drink for adults. See? That’s not so scary!

Kids and teens can enjoy shark face painting sessions, shark tooth jewelry crafts and shark clay models. Everyone on board will also have the chance to learn from shark experts and catch some Shark Week 2018 programming. Also, there will be shark-themed decorations throughout the ship, including in the elevators and at the restaurants and casino tables (there’s a card shark joke in there somewhere, right?).

And, of course, there will be a shark on board. Well, a shark decal, that is, on the starboard surface of the Caribbean Princess.

Beyond these Shark Week-themed cruises, adventurous vacationers who want to experience sharks up close and personal can book an Animal Planet excursion like the “Princess Exclusive Great White Shark Diving Encounter” in Honolulu or the “Whale Shark Encounter” in La Paz, Mexico. (Psst, whale sharks aren’t predatory.)

whale sharks photo
Flickr | ume-y

Princess’ shark-themed cruises are happening from now until September on the Caribbean Princess, with both eastern and western Caribbean itineraries.

So tell us, would you get onboard with a shark-themed cruise? Or … you dun-dun, dun-dun’t think so?