Why Goats Could Become The New Household Pets

What do you think? Would you ever welcome a goat into the family?

You may think goats look cute and cuddly when you see them on farms or in petting zoos, but what if I told you that they could one day be in your living room?

A recent study published in Biology Letters found that goats are “on a similar domestication track to dogs,” PureWow pointed out.

In an experiment conducted in London, goats were given a box that was difficult to open. It held a treat inside, and after trying to open the box and being unable to, each goat looked to humans for help. This is the same kind of reaction a dog would have done. But, certainly not a cat or a wolf, for example.

Check out the video to see how different goats reacted to this trial.

As you can see, the goats are quite dependent on the humans for help. Now, isn’t that sweet? They just want a treat! Please, do us all a favor and give it to them, human!

So, what does this mean? Well, you and Fido could have a new furry friend in the future. But, tell your dog not to feel threatened or anything. Because I’m sure he and the goat will get along just fine!

[h/t: PureWow]