Godiva Now Has Limited-Edition Milk Chocolate Pumpkin Spice Truffles


If you thought pumpkin spice ended at lattes — or butter, Twinkies and Frosted Flakes — think again. While we can probably live without pumpkin spice cough drops (not kidding — they’re real), there is one thing we’d love to enhance with a hint of that delectable fall taste: chocolate.

Chocolatier Godiva apparently agrees, and this season, they’re giving us this magical combination with new, limited-edition milk chocolate pumpkin spice G cubes. Available in Godiva stores and online beginning Sept. 10, you can get a 10-piece box for $4.95 or 22 truffles for $11.95.


The milk chocolate truffles are filled with a pumpkin spice ganache, which is just another way of saying you’ll be transported to pumpkin spice heaven when you take a bite. Of course, they also come in an orange box and each one is individually wrapped in orange because can you really have too much orange during pumpkin season?


Godiva stores nationwide will also have a new pumpkin spice flavored Chocolixir. Available this fall for $6.95, it sounds like it will basically be like drinking the pumpkin spice chocolate truffles!


Godiva’s latest offerings will be hitting stores in time for fall and just a couple weeks after the pumpkin spice latte returns to Starbucks on Aug. 28.

If you just can’t wait for this spicy autumnal flavor in your life, you’ll find plenty of other new pumpkin spice products already in most stores like Starbucks’ cookie straws, limited-edition caramel almond pumpkin spice KIND bars and Captain Morgan’s pumpkin spice rum that even comes in the shape of a pumpkin!

Will you be heading to your local Godiva shop to pick up some new pumpkin spice chocolate truffles?

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