‘Golden Girls’ Hot Sauce Is A Spicy Ode To Sassy Friends

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Blanche, Dorothy, Sophia and Rose left the airwaves in 1992, but their pop culture pull remains strong even today. Whether you watched “The Golden Girls” as a kid or discovered the show later as an adult, the humor of these four sassy ladies endures. From mugs to greeting cards to shirts and pins, “Golden Girls” merchandise is as popular as ever.

Now, one company has taken their “The Golden Girls” game to the next level: Always Fits is selling a variety of hot sauces dedicated to the four characters.

Desert Rose and Bea Spicy are jalapeno-based recipes, while Sicilian Fire is for the Italian Sophia and Hot Slut for the freewheeling Blanche (let’s hope the word “slut” is used as a compliment?!) are habanero-based.

Always Fits’ website warns:

“Sicilian Fire and Hot Slut are made with habanero peppers, carrot puree, garlic and spices, which deliver a sultry hot heat in addition to plenty of flavor. The heat level of Sicilian Fire and Hot Slut is: HOT. For a lower heat rating, try Desert Rose and/or Bea Spice!”


These playful hot sauces retail at $10 a pop and $32 for the set of all four. At the moment, orders are coming in faster than they can keep up, so allow two weeks before shipping.

Still not sure if you want to snag a “Golden Girls” hot sauce? As a fitting homage to the show, each bottle comes with a cheesecake recipe — a spicy cheesecake recipe. Try it out and invite your own girls out for some cheesecake on the lanai!


Always Fits specializes in quirky merchandise, so if you’re interested in gifts like a Punky Brewster pin or a mug shaped like a Greek goddess, you’re in luck. It also carries other “Golden Girls” items including prayer candles, a “Golden Girls” Clue, a “Golden Girls” Monopoly, as well as makeup bags and umbrellas. What more could a “Golden Girls” fan want?

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