Stop What You’re Doing! All 7 Seasons Of ‘Golden Girls’ Can Now Be Watched On Hulu

Break out the cheesecake!

If one Galentine’s Day celebration just wasn’t enough, then call up your girls right now, because there’s some exciting news in store for you and your gal pals. There’s no better way to say “thank you for being a friend” than by spending some quality time with a cheesecake and a dose of the “Golden Girls.”

You can now stream all seven seasons of the hit show on Hulu. So, like I said—pick up that phone right now!

We first hear the news that the streaming service would carry the show came about a month ago, but now the day you’ve all been waiting for is finally here. The timing couldn’t be more perfect either. Because seriously. I can’t think of a better excuse to get in a little quality time with your lady friends.


“This marks the first time one of the most popular series of all time will be available to stream all at once in one place,” Hulu head of content Craig Erwich told reporters.

And I certainly couldn’t be happier about it! Apartment Therapy took the liberty of doing the math for us and has a total binge-viewing time of two days and 18 hours (with no commercials), just in case you were wondering exactly how long it’d take you to blow through this show.

And as far as cheesecake consumption is concerned. Well, for two days of TV viewing, and quite a few females in front of the TV at once, I’d say you need to have at least four on hand. Sound like a plan? Thought so!

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“Golden Girls” isn’t the only great thing coming to Hulu in February, either. You can also expect to stream movies such as, “Addicted to Love,” “Chocolat” and “Sabrina.” These are also great for viewing with friends, so settle in and get ready for some binge-watching!

Oh yeah, don’t forget to pass the cheesecake!

[h/t: Apartment Therapy]