There’s Now A ‘Golden Girls’-Themed Murder Mystery Dinner For All The True Fans Out There

A visit to Buck’s County, Pennsylvania, will have you feeling as if you’re in Miami with Rose, Blanche, Dorothy and Sophia, thanks to a new “Golden Girls”-themed murder mystery dinner.

Peddler’s Pub at the Cock ‘n Bull in the Peddler’s Village shopping area is now offering the chance to dine, play detective and devour cheesecake with their rendition of “The Golden Girls: The Curse of Jessica Fletcher.”

So, not only will the ladies of the “Golden Girls” be involved in the plot, but the star of “Murder, She Wrote” will be, too! This dinner is really a 1980s TV buff’s dream come true.

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The dinner theater features a three-course meal including a salad, a choice of entrée and dessert. Entree choices include roasted chicken with smashed potatoes, peppercorn beef with green beans or pan-seared salmon with basil cream sauce.

Dessert is, of course, cheesecake with raspberry compote.

You’ll enjoy dinner as you watch the murder mystery unfold, and the audience will get a chance to help solve the crime right along with Sophia, Dorothy and the rest of the gang.

Courtesy Peddler's Village

Here’s how the show is described on the Peddler’s Village website:

“Our Golden Girls are at it again, and this time they’ve decided to try their hand at solving a murder mystery! They’ve invited a couple of well known detectives to join the party and discuss their famous capers. But as always, our ladies are keeping secrets and trouble is afoot. When the evening turns deadly, can you help the Girls solve this mystery?”

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Shows are held at 7:00 p.m. on Friday and Saturday evenings through August 25. A ticket is $69.95 per person, including tax, and you must call to make a reservation. (Children under the age of 14 are not allowed to attend.)

Planning on taking a road trip to Pennsylvania this summer? The “Golden Girls” sure would appreciate your help solving this murder. In fact, we have a feeling we’d know what they’d say to show their gratitude: “Thank you for being a friend!”

Touchstone Television

Saw that line coming, did you? You’re going to be great at this whole murder-solving thing!

And now that you have that classic theme song in your head, here’s a video to sing along to!

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