‘Golden Girls’ shot glass set includes a fun surprise


In recent years, fans of the classic television show “The Golden Girls” have been able to purchase some fun and unusual collectors’ items to show off their love for the beloved sitcom. Among many other goodies related to the show, there are “Golden Girls” Chia Pets, wallpaper, Halloween costumes, underwear, hot sauce and even face masks.

Our latest find, though, may be the most fun collectible yet. Check out this set of “Golden Girls” shot glasses!

The set includes four 1.5-ounce shot glasses and each glass is adorned with the face of a Golden Girl. So, you can have a drink with Blanche, Dorothy, Rose or Sophia right in your own home.

We found the set available for $22.99 from a variety of vendors, including Amazon, Target, and Walmart.


The glasses are hand-wash only, according to the box, so you’ll want to treat them delicately to keep them looking as lovely as the ladies painted on them.

Plus, there’s a little surprise included with this set of glasses: On the back of each shot glass is a drinking game related to the “girl” on that glass. So, you can have a “Golden Girls” viewing party and pull out this set to have a little fun.

Blanche’s glass has you take a sip whenever the character mentions “Big Daddy,” and you’ll take a shot from Rose’s glass whenever she “says a weird word from St. Olaf.” Dorothy’s shot glass instructs you to take a drink whenever she starts a sentence with “Ma,” while Sophia’s says to throw one back whenever she tells the girls to “picture Sicily.”


Of course, you don’t have to drink from these at all. You can display them as part of your “Golden Girls” collection, right alongside your “Golden Girls” tiki mugs, prayer candles and holiday ornament!

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