These ‘Golden Girls’ Undies Are The Perfect Christmas Gift

If you’ve been wondering what to get your BFFs for Christmas— wonder no more because I’ve got your gal pals’ gifts sorted. You should get these Golden Girls underwear for every girl in your group, especially since there’s probably a pair to represent every personality.

If you’ve got a friend who’s feisty, Sophia printed underwear is the way to go. For the friend who’s a sweetheart, Rose undies are just the kind of thing she’d like. You get the idea— there’s something for everyone because this iconic friend group is really the same as yours.

Get ready to have your Christmas shopping complete because granny panties have never been more in.

1. Blanche

Bold in color and in cut (they’re crotchless), these undies are great for that daring friend in your life.


Blanche Crotchless Panties, $52, Etsy

2. Dorothy

While these may be black and white— these underwear aren’t all business. They have feminine lace touches and will be perfect for that practical friend of yours.


Dorothy Low-Rise Panties, $40, Etsy

3. Rose

Dainty white lace gives just the right touch to these darling underpants. They’ll make a great gift for the girly, innocent gal pal.


Rose Mid-Rise Panties, $38, Etsy

4. Sophia

These high-waisted panties aren’t messing around. No frills or lace are present in these undies, making them the perfect purchase for the friend who’s keeps it real and always tells it like it is.


Sophia High-Waisted Granny Panties, $48, Etsy

So, if you agree that these make the best Christmas gifts this year, go ahead and let your shopping begin and end at this Etsy shop. These undies are a bit pricey, but I mean, they’re totally worth it.

Who wouldn’t drop that kind of cash for just the kind of underwear you never knew you needed? To you and all of your friends— stay golden this Christmas. Put these panties on, sit around the table and enjoy some cheesecake together!

[h/t: Hello Giggles]