Good Grief! ‘It’s The Great Pumpkin, Charlie Brown’ Turns 50

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It’s hard to believe, and will surely make some baby boomers feel a creak or two, but “The Great Pumpkin” turns 50 this year.

Sure enough, the figment of Linus’s imagination first appeared (or didn’t, depending on where you stand), in the fall of 1966. If you’re not familiar with the story of The Great Pumpkin, let’s run it down. The concept is simple. Kids just write to The Great Pumpkin to welcome (him? her? it?) to their home.

Of course, as with all kids—there’s an ulterior motive, and Linus bottom-lines it: toys.

Linus is the sole believer, basically confusing TGP with Santa. He does, however, empathize with TGP on the whole touchy Santa thing. Santa just gets more press.

Of course, as with any fervent belief system, there are inherent risks.

Let’s continue our trip down memory lane with The Great Pumpkin Waltz:

This year will mark the 50th time poor Linus has ended up passed out in the pumpkin patch with Sally demanding “restitution.”

To also mark the occasion, The Washington Post says more than 90 farms will celebrate the golden anniversary by creating Peanuts-themed corn mazes (here’s where to find a farm near you).

Green Hand Farm Park

Of course, there’s a Great Pumpkin Pie recipe, and there are Apple and Android TGP apps, too.

BONUS: If you can’t wait for it to arrive on TV, here it is on YouTube.

[youtube id=”GbHz0CoQd4Q”]

Do you believe in The Great Pumpkin?