Good Samaritan saved woman and dog from burning home in Florida

A man driving through Fort Myers Beach, Fla. on Aug. 3 rescued a woman and her dog from a burning home.

James Cullen says he saw the flames from the road. As he got closer, he could hear a woman yelling.

According to Cullen, the woman grabbed her dog and jumped onto Cullen’s back so she could escape the house.

“I walked up the stairs, and I just said, ‘Grab on,'” Cullen said. “…I was scared. I was. I thought, ‘Someone’s going to be dying.’ But the girl got out, a dog got out. Hopefully, the puppy made it out. That’s all I hope.”

Fort Myers Fire Chief Matt Love said the fire started at 4 p.m. Aug. 3. Flames went through the roof of the two-story home. One person was transported to the hospital after being rescued.

The cause of the fire has not been released. There were thunderstorms in the area at the time.

By Jane Monreal, WFTX.