Google Will Fact Check Presidential Candidates Live During Debates With Their Own Quotes


What doesn’t Google do?  From search to email to directions.  It seems like they have you covered in all aspects of life. Now they are adding another feature to help you stay informed during the presidential debates.

If you’re like me and you’ve tried watching a debate, you are really curious who is actually telling the truth. Especially when two people are arguing and have the exact opposite side of a claim. Who is right?

Google will now be showing you the quotes of politicians and the related information about their claim.  To try the feature out, search for “Fox News debate” on Thursday night during the next debate. You will see a live stream of quotes along with the trending results from other sites that provide fact checking and other helpful information.

Google described it in their Official Google Blog:

Now people will have a new way to hear directly from candidates themselves, in real-time—right in Google Search results. This experimental feature helps voters make more informed choices, and levels the playing field for candidates to share ideas and positions on issues they may not have had a chance to address during the debate. By publishing long-form text, photos and videos throughout the debate, campaigns can now give extended responses, answer questions they didn’t get a chance to on stage, and rebut their opponents.

In addition, the candidates will be able to respond directly on the Internet to topics and questions.

This should be a great tool to help stay informed together other relevant information based upon what the politicians are saying.

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