Gordon Ramsay, Rebel Wilson and others star in this funny Amazon Alexa Super Bowl commercial

Superbowl Sunday is almost here. Everyone will be tuning into the big game, and with that, of course, comes the commercials. Amazon is among the companies to have snagged a spot, and their new commercial for Alexa is both star-studded and hilarious.

The commercial stars rapper Cardi B, celebrity chef Gordon Ramsay and actors Rebel Wilson and Anthony Hopkins, who all take over for Alexa when shes “loses her voice.” People are in for a surprise when they ask Alexa a question and get the bold personalities of each of these stars.

Take Gordon Ramsay, for example. The “Hell’s Kitchen” star displays his famous temper when an unsuspecting man asks Alexa how to make a grilled cheese. “Pathetic! You’re 32 years of age and you don’t know how to make a grilled cheese sandwich. Its name is the recipe, you dumb f—!” Ramsay responds angrily.

Anthony Hopkins manages to thoroughly creep out one Alexa user, channeling his “Silence of the Lambs” character, Hannibal Lecter, when he’s asked to call Brandon: “I’m afraid Brandon’s a little tied up, but do let me know if there’s anything I can help you with, Jessica,” he drawls while feeding a peacock from his hand.

Check out the whole hilarious commercial below:

At the end of the commercial, Carly Simon’s “Nobody Does It Better” begins to play as Alexa’s voice returns to save the day. “Thanks guys, but I’ll take it from here.”

As calming and predictable as the real Alexa’s voice is, I think getting responses from some of my favorite celebrities when using the electronic personal assistant would be pretty fun! Maybe that’s something Amazon can look into for future generations of the product.

To catch this spot and all the others people are bound to be buzzing about around the water cooler on Monday, tune into the big game, which airs on NBC on Sunday, Feb. 4 at 6:30 p.m. Eastern.

[h/t: Us Weekly]