Got An Ear Infection? Use Garlic Oil To Make It Better

Taking too many antibiotics can make your body immune to them. The Center of Disease Dynamics, Economics, & Policy (CDDEP) reports that the United States ranks fifth in the world as one of the highest countries to use antibiotics.

But are powerful drugs always needed? A 2012 study done by Washington State University found that raw garlic is 100 times more effective than antibiotics to fight the common bacteria, campylobacter bacterium, which is found in food-borne illnesses.

For years, people have been using garlic for home remedies to treat ailments other than the stommach bug. One of them is treating an ear infection. On Home Remedies for Life, I found a few different Garlic Oil recipes.

According to their website, “Garlic oil is an easy made, natural remedy to treat earache and ear infection. It helps to soothe the wax that builds up in the ear and reduces the pain and infection.”

Here’s one of their remedies (there’s 14 total). The warm garlic oil will help soften the wax and may help prevent an infection when used daily.

Warm Garlic Oil

  1. Warm garlic oil capsules in a bowl of hot water for few minutes.
  2. Slice open and place few drops in the ear. Tip: Pull the ear back and up to help the oil reach the bottom of the ear.
  3. Lay with head to one side for 5-10 minutes.
  4. After the time is up, cover your ear with a cotton ball, flip your head over, and drain.

As a reminder, if you suspect swimmers’ ear or a burst eardrum, do not use this home remedy. And always, consult a trained medical professional for any questions and concerns.


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