This Graffiti Artist Uses Heat-Sensitive Paint To Make Amazing Color-Changing Cars

Remember when you were a kid and you and your friends loved wearing mood rings? Although not really an accurate reflection of an individual’s mood, they sure were fun to play with, and it turns out they work by using thermochromic crystals, which change color based on temperature.

A graffiti artist is using the same concept to create super-cool color-changing cars. By using heat-sensitive paint, German artist Rene Turrek makes cars that reveal awesome hidden designs when splashed with hot water. Check out his work in the video below:

The top pigment loses its color when hot water hits it, which allows the secret designs in the base coat to appear. Turrek’s art came out of a lot of trial and error, as it took many tries to get the chemical reactions right. And, as the video shows, Turrek has now created a car where the hidden design can be revealed at the touch of a button via remote.

Back in 2015, Turrek posted a video on YouTube in which he shows a Lamborghini he painted to reveal a cool “The Avenger” design. He says the car’s color will also change according to the temperature of the sun.

Wow!  The video has been viewed more than 1.6 million times. People on YouTube were pretty impressed by Turrek’s creation.